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The 2018 KBIS Show wrapped up with a bang this week for Samsung. The tech giant took home the Best of KBIS Awards for Smart Home Technology with the new Front Load Washer with QuickDrive™ and the Silver Award for the Best of Kitchen category with FlexWash™ + FlexDry™.

As usual, the new and more integrated smart home technology from Samsung stole the show. The new Front Load Washer with QuickDrive™ cuts washing time by up to 35% and in a more compact machine. It is being praised for its speed and efficiency and is expected to be a revolutionary product now that it is available in the US.

The new FlexWash™ + FlexDry™ machines from Samsung were the talk of the floor with their flexibility and innovation. They are essentially two machines in one with the FlexWash™ providing the ability to wash up to 5 cubic feet of laundry in the lower washer and 1 cubic foot in the upper washer. It’s the perfect solution to do darks and whites or even regular clothes and delicates at the same time! Its companion machine, the FlexDry™ provides normal drying and steaming options with two dryers in one so you can dry daily wear clothes and delicates at the same time.

This year’s “Best Booth” title however wasn’t bestowed upon Samsung. LG Electronics in partnership with Signature Kitchen Suite blew away the nearly 80,000 attendees with their jaw-dropping complete home booth. With 10 different areas it featured both indoor and outdoor spaces that made you feel right at home and, of course, each area featured the latest in technology from LG.

While there was much to see, the biggest take away from this year’s show was once again that technology is still on the rise in everyday homes and the ability to do more with less time and space is still the most important trend. Or in other words, everyone loves the gadgets and we all want more!

So, tell me…what’s your favorite kitchen gadget? Do you have an awesome coffee maker? Are you an Instant Pot fanatic? How about a sous vide chef? Share in the comments.