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Picking the Best Countertop for Your Orange County Kitchen Remodel – this is only one of what will seem like a million decisions you will need to make when designing your new kitchen but it is absolutely one of the most important.

Your countertops are going to be one of the most used surfaces in your entire home, after the floors, so you want to make sure that it meets all of your expectations. It should look beautiful, last a very long time and be easy to maintain so that you don’t have to live with the daily fear of someone staining or scratching it. It needs to be strong and durable while continuing to look it’s best day in and day out.

Often when we begin a project homeowners think they know exactly what they want for a countertop. They’ve seen something they like in a friend’s home, heard from someone else how much they love theirs, or seen it on a home renovation show on television and fell in love at first sight. Whatever the reason, many change their minds during the materials selection process once they learn more about each type of countertop material. Since it’s always a hot topic of conversation with lots of questions, we wanted to put together a list for you to better understand the types of materials and their pros and cons. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel and have questions about countertops, this is where to begin.

Picking the Best Countertop for Your Orange County Kitchen Remodel

Quartz (AKA Engineered Stone) Currently the most popular and market trending option, Quartz is always the best bang for your buck. Brands such as Arizona, Pental, MSI, and others are constantly adding new options and updated products.

– Extremely consistent material and readily available in a broad range of color pattern options to suit practically any project
– Antibacterial (non-porous), unlike natural stone, bacteria can’t hide and breed in the pores of the material which makes cleanup much easier and daily use safer
– Practical and durable as it is heat, scratch and stain resistant

– Price has a broad range depending on pattern and brand and can rival even the highest end natural stone

Natural Stone The second most popular option, Natural Stone represents a broad variety of material from Quartzite and Granite to Marble and even the softer Soapstone or Limestone. The price fluctuates significantly based on the material and durability is also a concern.

– Timeless quality and unique opulent look
– Durability is a pro of some natural stones such as Quartzite and Granite

– Requires sealing and frequent maintenance to keep most natural stones looking and performing their best.
– Unique and varied, therefore it requires special selection
– For the more durable and longest lasting natural stones the cost can be two to three times more than other stone options
– Choice like Marble are in vogue but the porous nature leaves it vulnerable to staining, etching, and discoloration from daily use

Butcher Block While this material seems to be on the rise in other areas with the popularity of the Farmhouse Kitchen type of design, it isn’t currently a strong trend here in the Orange County area. The cost is about the same as Quartz and Stone options and it’s definitely a viable option offering a timeless look for any kitchen remodel.

– It is warm and neutral so fits with virtually any design
– It is a renewable and repairable material for the most part
– Available with some slight variations such as end grain/edge grain wood species

– Softer so more prone to nicks, stains, and scratches, however these can potentially be addressed through sanding and repair
– Butcher Block can be vulnerable to water damage so this is a definite concern in the kitchen

Honorable Mentions – 

Concrete countertops also seem to be trendy however they are not very durable and require frequent waxing and sealing to maintain. They are also prone to staining and damage and the cost is generally prohibitive.

Laminates and tile are a real blast from the past and generally are what we’re removing when we do demo for a kitchen remodel. While they are low-cost options, they can be vulnerable to water and heat damage, are hard to maintain and clean (remember scrubbing grout with an old toothbrush?), and the lifespan of these products is short so you’ll likely be planning another remodel in the near future.

Fabricated metal counters such as stainless steel and copper are pretty to look at but come at a very hefty price. In some ways they are durable but they are susceptible to scratches, dents, etc. They also aren’t easy to come by and will add some time to your remodeling project if not ordered well in advance.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all countertop materials, but we hope it helps you better understand the options and provides you with some insight to help with how to pick the perfect countertop for your orange county kitchen remodel.

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