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The Offenheiser family came to Burgin Design • Remodel because they were interested in having a custom, design-build kitchen renovation in their Laguna Niguel home.

They dreamed of a full kitchen remodel with an expansion of their compact kitchen, and opening up their downstairs rooms to achieve a traditional “great room” effect.

Built in 1978, everything in their home was original. The Burgin Design • Remodel team opened up the wall between the kitchen and family room, as well as the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, and removed several bar cabinets between the hallway and the dining room to really give them an open floor plan with the “great room” effect they were seeking.

The renovation was complete with custom crafted cabinets, countertops, all new appliances, refinished bamboo flooring and fresh new paint.

Continue on to take a look at how the Burgin team worked hand-in-hand with the Offenheiser family to make their dreams a reality.

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Kitchen Remodel

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