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Kitchen Designer Orange County

  • Make It Your Own
    Remember, this is the heart of your home and is a place where you will likely spend a lot of time. Don’t settle for what someone else says will be best for you. Take part in the design process and make it your own. Show off some of your personality in that eye-popping granite countertop. Express yourself with sleek lines and smooth surfaces. Or, share your inner traditionalist with antique finishes and old-world style cabinetry. You’re only limited by your imagination (and your budget) so let the creativity flow!
  • Make a Splash With Your Backsplash
    Some of the hottest backsplash material is glass! In any format:  mosaics, sticks, 4-inch x 12-inch, 12-inch x 12-inch, and don’t forget custom glass patterns. Also, stone is always popular, especially water-jet borders and patterned formats. The tumbled distressed stones seem to be less popular. But again it’s your home and your taste is what matters.  Other popular choices today are travertine, slate or granite in a variety of forms. Randomly or as a border, some also use wood and metal accent tiles to add even more dimension to a backsplash. Color, more than actual material, probably makes a kitchen look dated. Neutrals or even vivid colors are decidedly more appealing than “pretty” pastel shades of the past.
  • Blueprint That Footprint
    Start with the focal point of your Kitchen and work out from there. Want a beautiful center island with extra counterspace for everyone to gather ’round? Or are you the Next Food Network Star in the making and want every eye drawn to your gorgeous new Viking double oven? Whatever your heart’s desire, start there. Pick the spot for that all important part of your new Kitchen and work outward from there. Of course, you can’t forget the function to go with all that fun. Stick to the “working triangle” so you can easily access the cooktop, sink and refrigerator no matter what!
  • Island Central
    An island provides a central spot to work and eat.  You can double the functionality and flexibility with a pair of islands, one on wheels and one stationary. You can use one for prep work and the other to seat guests for an informal meal. There are many possibilities and choices when it comes to kitchen islands, just ensure that you have measured and that you know exactly how much room you will need to still have comfortable functionality in your kitchen.
  • Don’t Nudge It – Budg-et!
    Always go into any Home Improvement project with a planned budget and be upfront with your Contractor about that number. Any reputable Remodeling Company will be honest with you about what you can expect within your price range and help you to stretch your dollar as far as possible. Think of it like this – if you walk into a car dealership knowing that you have only $15,000 to spend, you don’t want the salesperson showing you $30,000 cars and you’re going to tell them right away what your price range is. Do the same with your Kitchen Remodel. If you have a budget of $30k, don’t wait until after the design process is complete and the project begins to realize that with the flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and new appliances you’re well beyond that. Make sure that your representative knows your budget and that the project you are planning falls within those guidelines.

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