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Still adhering to the vernacular of its local neighborhood in Mission Viejo, this majestic home sitting high on a cul-de-sac gets a contemporary refresh.

The McCool family wanted to remove the elevated living room, reconfigure the stairs, and update the whole space. This required extensive preparation even before the demolition was executed. The Burgin Design • Remodel team put up temporary stairs with a full wood wall to keep the homeowners safe and clean during the demo stage of the project.

The McCools also wanted to open up the rear area of the home and enlarge the opening to create an indoor-outdoor living experience. We expanded the opening to 16′ wide using a steel I-Beam, 2 posts with 2 pad footings, and then installed an AG Millworks bi-fold door system.

Our clients now enjoy a full view of the backyard without having to worry about glare or bugs — Thanks to the retractable accordion screen feature!

Home Remodel

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