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Is your kitchen tired or dated? Have plans for a kitchen remodel or makeover? Take a look at these 7 Must-Have’s For Your Orange County Kitchen Remodel to get a few ideas before you begin planning then, talk to one of our amazing designers to help you put the right pieces together for the perfect renovation.

#1 European-Style Cabinets
If you want a clean look with no hardware, this former trend turned renovation norm is the way to achieve it. Hidden hinges, soft-close doors and drawers, and frameless cabinet construction and full-overlay doors take the traditional cabinetry look to the next level.

#2: Quartz Countertops
If your kitchen counters are tile, laminate or worse, we know you have probably been wanting to replace them for a while. Quartz is the way to go for a great maintenance free look. Our recent article on Picking the Best Countertop for You Orange County Kitchen Remodel can help you decide what’s the best fit for your space.

#3: Stainless Steel Appliances
For a look that complements almost any design, the classic stainless steel is a perfect fit. But, it’s much more than just a “pretty face”. Stainless steel is easily cleaned and durable, that’s why you see it in commercial kitchens all over the world. If it’s good enough for the Food Network, it’s good enough for you, right? 😉

#4: Tile or Quartz Backsplash
We think this one goes without saying these days. Splashes and splatters can destroy a painted wall and the look of a beautiful tile or Quartz backsplash adds an element of style to any kitchen remodel. Functional and aesthetically pleasing make this a definite must-have.

#5: Open Floor Plan
Remove a wall and open up your kitchen. Sounds simple enough, but this one change can transform your entire home. An open floor plan offers space for an island and also helps the flow of your home from one area to the next, bringing the family or guests “together” rather than closing everyone off with walls.

#6: Under-Cabinet Lighting
Even simple lighting under the cabinet can be useful and using LED lights in these areas will reduce energy costs if you often leave your lights on throughout the day or night.

#7: A Trash and Recycling Center
Do you separate your garbage from your recycling in the kitchen, but don’t like having bins out in the open? Hiding the dual bins in a “drawer” in your cabinets by the sink is the perfect solution. The cans are hidden from sight unless the drawer is open and it’s much better than just sticking a can under the sink.

Planning a remodel of your own? We’d love to help! Contact us for more information.