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You might know ADUs by their other names such as granny flats, backyard cottage, in-law units and so on. They’re nothing new and they’ve been, in fact, built for centuries. ADUs recently hit the headlines because states and municipalities are passing laws and ordinances to allow their development.

For instance, Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills in 2017 to promote ADUs in California. Measures allowing ADUs were driven by the combination of rising home prices and a shortage of available homes. According to interest group AARP, these factors, along with aging population and decrease in households with children, will continue to spur demand for smaller homes in more compact neighborhoods.

In a survey done by AARP in 2018, people over 50 years of age expressed interest in building an ADU for various reasons. 84% of respondents said they wanted to provide a home for a loved one, and another 83% wanted housing for relatives or friends. Meanwhile, some homeowners also see ADUs as a way to help pay their mortgage and create some additional income.

Although it’s easier for homeowners to build ADUs today, it’s important they find a partner with decades of experience to handle their ADU design-build project. Burgin Design • Remodel has undertaken a wide range of home remodeling projects that include kitchens, bathrooms, room additions, whole-house remodel, and ADUs.

We put together an information package that details the things you need to know about ADUs. Click on the image below to download: